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Mar 1st 2015 at 7:18:55 PM •••

"The American Sega Saturn version was notorious for it's unbelievably choppy frame-rate and input lag. However, the Japanese Saturn version of the game was developed by a different, more competent studio and as a result had a much better frame-rate and was actually playable" Citation needed, tried to find a video of the sega saturn version and is still the same as the american version

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Mar 2nd 2015 at 6:00:12 AM •••

If no sources about this are found, then it should be deleted. Let's not make things up, people. >_<

Jun 23rd 2012 at 4:50:24 PM •••

The Okami part seems to be arguing with itself. It's a bit distracting.

Jun 29th 2010 at 9:46:42 AM •••

From playing Metroid Prime Trilogy, and what I hear about how the original gamecube versions of the first two games went, it sounds like they'd be a nightmare without the ball hop, among other things.

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Oct 7th 2010 at 6:41:40 PM •••

Not as much as you might think. It just meant bomb-jumping, which players of Super Metroid were quite accustomed to (the Spring Ball was in Super, but it was fairly late-game and in an obscure location, and also not necessary to complete the game, even if you weren't Sequence Breaking).

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