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Oct 14th 2012 at 1:51:08 PM •••

Isn't it funny, that when there is a full camera crew following the British police, even the most obnoxiously loud-mouthed or potentially violent yobbo is brought to book with gentle good-natured persuasion or the absolute textbook minimum of necessary force.

Now if only the Road Wars or Police! Camera! Action! camera teams had been following PC Simon Harwood on that demo in London - you know, when the side of the British police came out that many of us suspect is more authentic - that poor bloke Harwood beat to death with his truncheon might actually have lived.

And what about those coppers in Wigan who truncheoned a bloke to death late one Friday night... I bet if a camera team had been following them, they'd have sent him on his way with a laugh and a joke and a snarky word from that supercilious Cockney twat who does the voiceover...

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