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Feb 23rd 2011 at 12:01:16 PM •••

You can experience touch in dreams. I, myself have had what I refer to as full sensory immersion dreams, where every sense is fully active. I remember dreams where I thought I was dreaming, and tried to test the theory by grabbing and pulling the grass to see if I could touch it and I could. I woke up and then realized what happened. I also remember a rather painful dream where I had a steel pole rammed against my spine to pin me to the ground, which I felt quite vividly until I woke up. In addition, experiencing death in dreams and not waking up does not kill you. I've had dreams where I was falling and hit the solid ground, felt all the pain, blacked out, and then nothing (not even the sensation for breathing) for what felt like 5 full minutes before I woke up.

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Feb 23rd 2011 at 12:05:11 PM •••

Of course, in my case, I have Asperger's, but with some odd symptoms that might correlate. For one thing, touch is the strongest link to memory for me (Smell is stronger than normal, but it doesn't trigger memory at all). I also synesthete sound as texture (which can quite painful at times). So that might mean my experiences are an anomaly. However, I have had all 5 senses triggered in a dream, be it sight, sound, touch, taste, or smell. And like I said, I even died in my dreams before without immediately waking up, and there was no ill effect.

Apr 21st 2011 at 10:49:29 PM •••

I actually have literally pinched myself in my dreams and felt it therefor not waking up. It was funny when I woke up and realized what had happened.

Oct 8th 2018 at 8:30:38 PM •••

I am a lucid dreamer and I, too, have felt pain in dreams, not just from pinching myself. In my dreams, I have experienced pain from...

  • a cougar mauling
  • being sliced open for a C-Section and forgotten on the operating table
  • being impaled by a lightsaber (on multiple different occasions)
  • crashing a malfunctioning car (countless times, I hate those nightmares)
  • falling or leaping off a height that broke my legs on impact
  • getting shot with a silver bullet
  • blunt force trauma removing my teeth
  • holding my breath until it really hurt in an attempt to keep from drowning
Usually the pain is dulled but still obvious, with one exception. The last item on the list. It is always exactly as painful as holding my breath in real life, because — without fail — every time I hold my breath in a dream, I hold my breath in real life as well. But then here is where it really gets weird. I don\'t know how, but somehow the dream pauses, I wake up for less than a split second — just long enough to gasp for air — and the dream instantly resumes right from where it left off and I am breathing just fine despite whatever it was in the dream that drove me to hold my breath in the first place.

Edited by Miss_Desperado
Jul 8th 2010 at 12:03:04 PM •••

Lucid dreaming doesn't cause deterioration of behaviors that prevent sleepwalking... I removed it from the main page.

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