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Dec 2nd 2011 at 6:43:16 PM •••

Since the Trope Repair Shop is full, I guess I gotta ask here. This trope seems to encompass several factors that are getting mixed and matched in the examples:

  • 1. The woman who wants to mate with a specific man so he can father her children.
  • 2. A race is practically infertile, and they need some genetic material from outside the population to fix things.
  • 3. The culture is basically female, and the limited (if there is one) male population just can't ensure enough genetic diversity. Ergo, any man from "outside" that wanders in is going to be desired.

I think the key phrases are "only you" and "repopulate my race". Both need to be present to be this trope. Therefore Superman and Maxima, among other examples, don't belong. Maxima just wanted a strong, handsome mate. There weren't any indications that an Almeracian (that's her planet, Almerac) man wouldn't have been able to father her children just as well.

We may need to split the "we need more genetic diversity" and "we need more people, period" examples into their own tropes.

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Mar 15th 2012 at 10:47:58 AM •••

Does it have to be limited to one fertile male and/or one fertile female? There's an example from Greek Mythology of the Argonauts stopping on the island of Lemnos. Due to a local Gendercide, all Lemnians are women, and they want all the Argonauts to have sex with them so they won't die out. (Somewhere along the millennia, Lemnos got confused with nearby Lesbos, and "island of women desperate for fertile guys" turned into "island of women who only love each other," giving us the word "lesbian.")

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