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Nov 17th 2016 at 12:04:16 PM •••

Does this trope still apply if the choir is just going "ah" instead of saying words?

Sep 1st 2012 at 6:32:58 PM •••

Is there a trope for awesome/uplifting Latin Chanting - like the kind that would play to The Big Damn Kiss or Heel–Face Turn?

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Oct 28th 2011 at 2:08:01 AM •••

Anyone know where I can find a track of Ominous Latin Chanting that's really just Lorem Ipsum? Probably doesn't exist, but I'm hoping it does.

Oct 26th 2010 at 12:58:26 AM •••

Anyone else here attend Latin mass or know Latin and have issues when the spooky scene is accompanied by prayers you know the words to? It's hard to be creeped out while listening to a nice schola chanting things like, "Praise to God our Father."

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Oct 26th 2010 at 6:26:07 AM •••

Depending on what they're saying, I'd say this can actually enhance the creepiness. There's something very unsettling about singing the praises of the creator of the universe when the planet's burning away like a lit match, for instance.

Sep 1st 2012 at 6:35:13 PM •••

Wouldn't it then become Soundtrack Dissonance rather than this trope? Or worse, this trope because it's Soundtrack Dissonance?

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