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Dec 15th 2012 at 6:31:21 AM •••

Bindweed has one natural predator, at least. The deer around here just love it, and will chomp it to the ground if they can. (Unfortunately, that can damage the shrubbery the vine has grown through.)

There a Three Investigators mystery where they're called in to help locate an ancient Chinese statue of a god of crops/fertility. Before Columbus ancient. When they find what they think is it, it's half melted, but the three boys can still see what was on the belt. Bob comments on the 'ear of corn'. This turns out to be a plot point, since all three boys are from California. 'Ear of corn' there means maize. The thief had made the fake from a somewhat vague written description before stealing the real statue, and didn't know enough about history or crop plants to realize that the 'corn' on the statue's belt most certainly would not be maize!

Aug 21st 2011 at 6:34:17 PM •••

Tintin and the belgian congo: The plants aren't misplaced, the congo was famous for the rubber produced from the rubber trees that grew there. The plants where common place enough that the whole population was essentially enslaved to harvest the stuff.

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