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May 7th 2011 at 7:35:44 PM •••

Is there a website that you can go to that lists all the dialogue for the humor navicust program in Mega Man Battle Network (3-6) and Mega Man Star Force 3, instead of showing video clips?

Feb 27th 2011 at 8:34:32 AM •••

Removed a LOT of text from Bag of Spilling, as it had descended into Thread Mode. Considered doing the same for You All Look Familiar, but at least that thread resolved into a logical observation, so the only aid that could be done there would be to summarize, rather than just a straight cut. EDIT: All redacted portions are in this post.

1st subpoint: "Not necessarily. Lan is lauded as the hero that saved the world from the WWW in Battle Network 3 during the N-1 Grand Prix."

The only thing I cut here was the 5th order point below:

  • Although several characters in that game do want to "test Lan's strength", in spite of the fact that he's beaten the Life Virus, Gospel, Alpha, and Duo by that point... Maybe they know about the spilling? (kept)
    • As well as Bass at least 5 times, and Serenade, both of whom could probably turn the rest of the bosses into paste... (redacted)

Second Subpoint, retained portion struck:

  • The sixth game Lampshades the Bag of Spilling aspect in one of the poems of the Poem NCP. Megaman asks Lan where all his old chips and such go, Lan answers that he really doesn't know! This may be justified though, since he gets a new PET each game, and his old chips and upgrades may not be compatible with the new system.
    • Bullshit. Lan's father custom-builds Lan's PETs. Seeing as how he is THE go-to guy for everything Navi-related, there's no way he'd design his custom PETs that sloppily.
      • Not So Bullshit! When Lan proposes using BN5 Double Team's Party Battle System to make multiple images of Megaman, the current story's team leader shoots it down because Megaman's data has to constantly be updated presumably because of the whole Hub thing. Chips and upgrades may be junked between games because Mega's firmware has been so heavily modded since the last game's ending that it'd be too much effort to upconvert the average player's stock of 600+ chips.
        • Programs have problems running between different versions of Windows. Net Navis are basically people made of ones and zeros, and the vast majority of their programs are weapons. I don't know about you, but I'd rather start my folder over than have to worry about a compatibility problem causing my M-Cannon to explode in my face.
        • What, so your old chips are incompatible, but you can use ones that were lying around on the floor?
        • Maybe the chips just detoriate. I mean the anime tells us Lan inserts blank chips that absorb data from whatever Megaman just defeated to get his new battlechips. It's possible that after a month or two your chips reset. Though that doesn't explain Higsby's chip shop... unless you don't actually buy the chips, you just copy the data or something.
        • I always assumed Lan's chips are inert. Every game has you face a Net Horror under extreme conditions (up to and included a radioactive cross-rip fusion of reality and the net in the second game), I figured Mega Man's upgrades were nullified and the chips' data were erased by the incident. It's also possible Lan simply forgets to clean up the chips and his mom does what all moms do. Throw them away.

Third Subpoint (redacted in entirety):

  • Oh come on. It should be obvious why your chips cease working between games. Chips are equivalent exploits, patches, and other types of hacking-related programs. Exploits get patched, and old patches don't fix new vulnerabilites. Thus, the M-Cannon becomes an obsolete exploit and does no damage, and Recov300(and similar "patch" chips) ceases to work because it fixes code that is no longer being attacked. Similarly, upgrades stop working for this reason. Now, I'm sure that a professional like Eugene Chaud can afford to buy the requisite upgrades to maintain his efficacy, but Lan? Guy's a freakin' elementary schoolkid. His default folder is probably all FOSS, while the stuff he get's after defeating viruses are private exploits/patches.

Personally, I'm not sure whether this third subpoint is an independent subpoint on its own or if it's part of subpoint 2...

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Feb 27th 2011 at 8:41:34 AM •••

Response to Subpoint 2, sub-sub-sub-subpoint 3: "Maybe the chips just detoriate..."

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