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Mar 16th 2010 at 3:57:30 AM •••

I the hate Disgaea anime as much as everyone else, but was there really a need to create a new page just for The Anime of the Game?

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Apr 9th 2010 at 5:29:12 AM •••

There were too many bad writing tropes to fit in the main page.

Apr 11th 2010 at 11:37:06 AM •••

Yeah, but as far as I know, no other series had a separate page for it's adaptation except for maybe Galaxy Angel, and that's only because the games and the anime are completely different. Just take what we have here and condense it on the Adaptation Decay page (Or if you really hate certain moments, the Wall Banger or Dethroning Moment Of Suck pages) while adding some of the miscellaneous information (Such as Maharl being a Canon Foreigner) to either the Disgaea Hour Of Darkness or the main Disgaea page. Like I said, I hate the anime as much as everyone else, but it seems like the only purpose of this page is simply to talk about how bad it is.

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Jul 3rd 2010 at 5:47:15 PM •••

As much as everyone else? I loved it! It was funny and made me laugh my ass of every 5 seconds. Whether it followed the game or not is irrelevant.

Jul 18th 2010 at 6:21:49 PM •••

It had nothing to do with following the game because I enjoyed the manga adaptations for both Disgaea 1 and 2, both of which deviated from the source material far more than the anime did. Regardless of how I felt about the anime, I really didn't think it needed it's own page. Most other series that have adaptations have their tropes info posted on the series' main page.

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