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Jan 19th 2014 at 2:48:54 PM •••

Reworked these two examples into a general one which also accounts for the development of technology making such shots possible in the Racing Game genre having been developed around 1980.

  • In Wipeout XL and Wipeout 3, there are giant screens that display the races. Strangely, they use the player's camera view, to the point of showing the HUD superimposed over everything.
    • Although given that modern day F1 racing coverage uses extensive shots from the cars themselves, including superimposed rev and speed displays, this is not that far-fetched.
  • In Mario Kart 64 the jumbotrons on the race tracks had a live feed of you racing from your perspective. Even after the race was over, the screens would show the fly-over view of the track as you were viewing it. (The jumbotrons used the screen buffer as its texture. Consequently, the jumbotrons were turned off during multiplayer.)

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Dec 21st 2011 at 4:59:46 PM •••

(Deleted other irrelevant natter)

So, what? Is it straight or an inversion? Was the shot reshown really that static?

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