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Feb 16th 2014 at 8:22:12 AM •••

MASH - "Charles' (terrible) playing of the French Horn". I've seen the episode in question, and it's actually not all that bad; I have a professional recording of the overture from Tannhaeuser (the tune Charles is playing), and while he's not quite as good as that, he's hardly "terrible" ... French Horns are more or less supposed to sound like someone torturing a goose with a head cold.

Feb 16th 2012 at 10:56:13 AM •••

Just a sugesstion: maybe I'm wrong, but isn't "Clockwork Orange" (both the novel and the film) an example of this, even if a slightly unusual one? It does feature torturing with the use of music, after all. "a character harasses another through the use of sound or music" Check. "The important criterion is that the sound is (1) loud, (2) annoying, or (3) both." Well it is, both. Plus nauseating. Plus evoking the feeling of imminent death and making you reconsider your views on suicide. Kinda like bagpipes.

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Feb 16th 2014 at 8:02:43 AM •••

I agree, and I added it (at least the Film version).

Jan 22nd 2012 at 11:04:57 AM •••

Real Life — A friend of mine did this when some noisy roommates in college wouldn't shut up. Several hours of country music, and they never bothered him again.

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