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Jul 26th 2014 at 9:09:20 AM •••

It's difficult to remain rather objective when describing the actual real-life products, huh? Personally, having grown up on almost exclusively processed food (my parents were immigrants and wanted to provide me with an American palate, but they had no clue how to cook American, and my father was particularly disdainful of any American restaurant that isn't McDonald's because everything else was scary and unfamiliar to him), I actually rather enjoy some of the things described on this list and often prefer it over their "real" counterparts, such as a large number of artificial fruit flavors, having grown up on Kool-Aid because real fruit juice was considered too expensive. The reason is because as they grew up eating only the foods of their native country, they literally could not tell the difference between, say, pizza from any producer. It's all the same to them, just at different price points.

I do understand why some people would loathe these processed foods with a fiery passion though, since I know my upbringing is far from a normal one. I would argue, though, that a lot of these are simply argumentum ad naturem, and that taste is always going to differ between individuals, even if some things are considered of better taste by a large quantity of the population.

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Aug 21st 2014 at 3:47:03 AM •••

Thanks. I was just thinking that myself. Just because something isn't natural doesn't necessarily make it worse. The way some of these examples are written, you'd think food companies are sneaking into your house at night and murdering your goldfish.

Mar 30th 2012 at 5:42:08 AM •••

When I saw the title I thought of fat-free cheese. Do we have a page for that sort of thing yet?

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