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Oct 18th 2010 at 3:11:11 PM •••

Either this page is horribly written, or it is a page that shouldn't exist.

"He is the evil offspring of Biggus Dickus and Chick Magnet." links to two other troupes. From that, I assume that these are the fanfics that exagerate sexual termonollogy and push characters canon and non canon into horny sexual relationships? Isn't there a MUCH better way to write this? This also seems to be part of Possesion Sue, if my gander to what this is exactly supposed to be is.

That being said, "Lemon Stu is Always Male, of course, and has a tendency to be written from the first-person perspective." If it is what I think it is, there are not just males, but females too, as there needs to be two to tango.

And if this isn't what I think it is... what is this page supposed to be about?

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Oct 18th 2010 at 5:15:14 PM •••

Not sayin' I disagree with you - seems like one hell of a messy article - but you'll probably get better results if you take this to the Trope Repair Shop on the forums.

Dec 10th 2010 at 5:02:51 PM •••

I just did a rewrite...

Judging from the contents of the So Bad Its Horrible Fan Fic page, this is not Always Male. Frequently male, yes, but we have stories down there involving women who sleep with Anything That Moves to great extremes — and there no doubt are more in the 80% of fanfics that are neither horrible nor truly good.

Nov 26th 2014 at 8:46:04 AM •••

I was just about to comment how there might be such thing as a "Lemon Sue" that isn't just a relationship Sue. Ie Mary Sues written by horny teenage girls that think that rape is "smexy". I know there's no examples allowed on this page ,but just for a demonstration one example of a female Lemon Stu would be the infamous Akai Dahlia before her DA account got taken down

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