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Apr 17th 2012 at 5:33:34 PM •••

I moved the list of kink memes over to Fetish Fuel Wiki now that we're not allowed to link to kink memes here.

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May 16th 2012 at 5:32:50 AM •••

Oh, I was wondering where it went.

Thanks for inforing.

Jul 27th 2011 at 10:52:29 AM •••

Anyone know of a High School Musical kink meme? The Tweendom one is okay, but I know I found and then lost an HSM-specific one, and I'd like to find it again.

May 19th 2011 at 1:25:59 PM •••

There's a Bioshock kink meme here: I suggest using the index to find the actually stories though :P

Nov 7th 2010 at 9:41:41 AM •••

Why the heck is there no Kink Meme for Harry Potter? How is that even possible? What the heck, internet?

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Nov 22nd 2010 at 11:50:14 PM •••

There's probably one out there, no one's just linked to it yet.

Jan 3rd 2011 at 9:20:41 AM •••

There's a HP slash and rare pairings kink meme, and a girls kink meme, that are listed in the "masterlist" that's now under Other. Neither of them have very much activity. I think the reason is that to have good fodder for a kink meme, a work needs to a) have at least five to ten characters, preferably more, b) have those characters have no or very light romantic attachments to each other by the end of the story (so they're free to be shipped without worrying about what a third character will think, unless that's the point), and c) have all the characters be of the age of consent (or, at least, perverted enough that no one's worried about destroying their innocence) throughout most of the story (excepting flashbacks, etc.), because while people's imaginations do run wild, most people would like their meme to have underage sex as an exception rather than a rule.

HP only really fits the first of these criteria. By the epilogue, most characters are either married, buried, or in the lower years of their schooling with almost no characterization.

Of course, some memes just don't get activity because the format is screwy, like neon green text on black background, or huge white spaces on one side of the screen because the person whose sock journal it is thought it would "look nice." The HP slash meme has this problem, as does the YGO meme. I don't know if more people would show up if the format was clearer, but it would definitely be easier to read.

Jan 16th 2011 at 4:45:54 PM •••

IMHO, it's because the Harry Potter fandom don't need a kink meme. You want to read Slut!Harry? It already exists. You want Dark!fic? They already exist. You want to read Voldemort/Pikachu? Hell, it exists. Anything you can think of, HP fandom has already provided. you just have to be brave enough to ask/search for it.

Nov 4th 2010 at 4:17:26 AM •••

Sorting by category: That is probably the most pedantic thing I've ever seen, even for TV Tropes. Bravo.

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Nov 7th 2010 at 9:41:11 AM •••

Hey, there were a lot of them, and I was bored.

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