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Aug 17th 2010 at 2:11:20 PM •••

Spooileeerfulll~ though you should know this already.

Re: Rape Is Love, Rape Is Okay When Its Female On Female, etc: I for one completely disagree that these are the tropes in use. It's clearly played as drama and not okay at all - yes, Himeko still cares for Chikane, but she's traumatized. She's just forced to shake herself out of her shellshocked state because the world is going to end or something. And it's actually a subversion of Rape Is Love : Chikane wants everyone to believe it's what she did, but her real reason was very strategic.

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Aug 17th 2010 at 2:26:39 PM •••

Personally, I think I'd buy the whole 'not okay at all' thing a little more if they didn't hook up afterwards.

It's theoretically possible that Himeko just had a huuuge honkin' case of Stockholm Syndrome, but the show just doesn't treat her lingering affection darkly enough to be entirely plausible for that.

Considerable complications aside (i.e., the whole Suicide by Cop and resurrection thing, which was, again, pretty much initiated by Chikane herself), the fact remains that the rape was treated as a fundamentally selfless act that didn't really affect their relationship in the long run. In other words, fundamentally okay.

Aug 17th 2010 at 6:39:04 PM •••

I guess it could be considered Rape Is Love since Himeko does fall in love with Chikane after the rape (although it's debatable whether she does so because of the rape).

Rape Is Okay When Its Female On Female doesn't fit the plot as Chikane's mindset is that she wants to provoke Himeko into killing Chikane so that Himeko doesn't have to be sacrificed. This motive means it's acknowledged that raping Himeko is in fact a horrible act for Chikane to do to her, it's just that Chikane saw it as a way to save Himeko's life. You can argue the plot reasons are ham-handed but it's not about a Double Standard regarding the gender of the rapist.

Aug 20th 2010 at 11:58:12 AM •••

... A-Am I the only one who thinks Himeko's was already in love with Chikane since waaaaay before the entire rape thing? And that that's the reason she forgives Chikane, on top of Chikane's excuse of saving-Himeko's-life-and-the-world? I agree they probably should've given more development to Himeko's mindset, though erm their talk as Chikane bleeds to death already feels too long as it is, it's not like they've got days to talk it over. And it's not like they jump into bed instantly, either...

Jan 6th 2011 at 8:00:51 PM •••

This troper doesn't believe that the rape is okay because it's female on female thing applies here. Any vindication Chikane receives doesn't have a thing do with the fact that she's the same sex as her victim, it's because 1) as far as Himeko's concerned, that course of action saved her life 2) She's incredibly forgiving to begin with and 3) She already loved Chikane anyway, hence the whole crying bit in episode 7.

as a corollary, the rape is love trope does sort of apply, at the very least because the physical attraction that came bundled with the rest of her love is why this troper thinks it would have made sense to her.

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