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May 4th 2014 at 8:29:18 AM •••

I have trouble placing evil acts done out of sadism anywhere. By instinct, I would say that it would be "It amused me", but the description sounds like the character cannot actually be an evil person or a villain for the trope to apply. While "For the evulz" says that the character does things "only because they are evil" and would even do them if they were self-destructive. So where does a villain fit who thinks of his/her own advantage, but also does things that harm others "for fun"? ?__? Ain't that actually quite common among villains? Both tropes sound as if they wanted to shove that kind of behaviour into the other trope, so none really offers a fitting description for it.

Sep 30th 2013 at 5:12:33 PM •••

Is there any possibility this trope has connections to immortality related morality disconnect or is that just that it correlates so often with The Fair Folk tropes?

or is this just apophenia hitting me again?

Jan 1st 2013 at 8:29:55 PM •••

This could be called "The Hunter S. Thompson Memorial Trope" without fear of rebuttal or positing of a better, methinks.

Jan 25th 2011 at 4:30:03 PM •••

Why was For The Lulz considered an inappropriate title for this trope, while a variation, For the Evulz, is a-okay?

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Aug 20th 2011 at 7:08:37 PM •••

Also, For The Lulz could be interpreted to mean that it was done to make OTHERS laugh, while It Amused Me makes it clear that it is only how funny it is to the person performing the action that matters. However I am also curious as to the current Trope Namer since I know the phrase appears word for word in Reboot, but since that show is itself a parody I can't be sure if it is an original creation of that show, or whether a citation of the Trope Namer should be attributed to whatever work Reboot was pariodying in that instance, if any.

Sep 10th 2011 at 8:08:29 AM •••

I have worked over For the Evulz and It Amused Me. The definitions should be more clear-cut now and I've tried to define both in similar terms to each other so it's clear what is what. Blame me if there's a problem.

Oct 26th 2010 at 8:45:25 AM •••

Can anyone recall the lines from family guy when Carter made Peter eat a pine cone? That would make a great title quote.- "Eat it!- it will amuse me."

Jul 30th 2010 at 4:18:16 PM •••

I just want to clarify: Is the qualifier for For the Evulz just how evil the act is? Because, just to use the example in the introduction, making someone believe that they are about to die for your own amusement sounds pretty evil, and many of the examples aren't far behind. Maybe I have different views on where making someone's day (or life) worse out of boredom falls than the original author, but the line seems blurry as all get out.

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Feb 10th 2012 at 3:21:01 PM •••

For the Evulz is about someone who does heinous and evil acts just for the sake of being an evil bastard. In other words, if someone goes and captures people and makes them his slaves so it would make him look evil, then that trope qualifies. It can certainly cross over with It Amused Me if the person does evil acts for amusement. Don't forget the It Amused Me trope is when someone does something just for amusement, whether it is harmless or not.

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