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Oct 16th 2018 at 5:09:35 AM •••

  • This is exclusively for light sources that are meant to be handheld but for some very unusual or just plain unexplained reason simply aren\'t, like in the page image.

There are numerous examples on this page that are explained, or are aversions by being held items. Additionally, the page image itself gets explained in its own webcomics entry, even if it visually demonstrates the phenomenon.

I\'m not sure if this means this trope needs a clean up, or a clarification for when an aversion/subversion counts as this trope.

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Oct 26th 2018 at 10:01:03 AM •••

This may have been a bit of an overzealous launch. The main idea was to trope the \"invisible or incorporeal headlamp-like light source that you always have on you\" we see so much in video games, and it snowballed (mostly in course but out of control, in hindsight) from there.

Now I\'m thinking this needs a TRS session.

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