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Jul 17th 2013 at 10:12:23 PM •••

A bunch of examples removed... with some wick-cleaning

This is the example that inspired the change:

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a subtle example. The front 13 were produced before airing, so footage from all of them was available when editing the pilot. So in the scene where Buffy thrashes around in bed having prophetic dreams, she can only predict the first 13 episodes...
    • Although since Buffy was a Midseason Replacement, the first season couldn't be full length to begin with.

Rule #11: Repair Dont Respond. But always leave a reason when you do repair.

These just say they had 13 Episodes before being cancelled/not renewed. These can be restored to the page if and only if there is Word of God regarding either plans for future arcs OR fears of being Cut Short; and they also have to be confirmed as having started in the channel's normal starting point.

  • Dollhouse had a DVD-only 13th episode due to confusion between the network and studio about the number of episodes in the order. It was set in a post-apocalyptic future to avoid disrupting the show's story arcs with an episode that wasn't aired.
  • Firefly is essentially the front 13 (as well as the pilot), and nothing else.
  • MythQuest has only 13 episodes. It's not clear if it was cancelled or just not renewed.
  • After bad ratings for Vanished Fox told the writers to wrap it up in 13. They did.
  • The Mob Doctor got cancelled after 13 episodes. The writers Just Eat Gilligan by having her kill the mob boss and run off with her FBI informant boyfriend.

EDIT: Ultimately we're going to have to decide whether this Trope is "A Half-Season that started in the Fall" ([[Yu Gi Oh The Abridged Series In America!) or "A series that started in the Fall that only made the Half-Season mark and was able to produce its 'Back 9'".

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Jul 17th 2013 at 10:27:11 PM •••

Boy, the help that The Other Wiki can bring... It confirmed all the examples except MythQuest... Could a fan please help me out with this one?

EDIT: Also, it's unclear whether Creator/FOX had given a short initial order for Firefly or if they Altered the Deal.

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Oct 31st 2012 at 5:39:57 PM •••

Here is the "Lucky Episode 13" example list from the Layout of a Season page, before the link was added:

Lucky Episode 13

  • Episode 13 of the first season of 24 ends with the team managing to kill the assassin who has been threatening Senator Palmer's life - but there is also a minor cliffhanger, as a second assassin is dispatched. Had the season been cancelled after 13 episodes, this last scene could have been easily cut to end it "properly".
  • The 13th episode of the first season of Glee was this trope to a tee.

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