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Sep 3rd 2012 at 6:22:41 PM •••

At the end of the Simpsons episode, "Bart The Lover", when the camera zooms in on Woodrow's picture, Gordon Howe's pro hockey totals are shown very quickly. This is fitting, as Woodrow's picture is Howe himself.

Jul 5th 2012 at 7:44:11 PM •••

On The Farily Odd Parents, would it count for a Freeze-Frame Bonus in the trilogy episode? Where Timmy is going through different movies....I only caught part of it myself, but watched the whole Middle Earth part.

Anyway, in that, when Wanda throws Timmy the real One Ring in slow motion-like ways, you can actually see an inscription on the inside of the ring. I only managed to catch the part "New Zealand" in it, but I would assume that it's to do with the actual inscription in the ring itself?

Granted, I'm unsure on what the actual inscription says on the One Ring used for filming the movies, as in, the prop itself. But I'm guessing that it has an inscription that mentions that the ring is from New Zealand?

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