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Mar 3rd 2018 at 2:09:11 PM •••

Isn't there an unspoken perception that to turn a man into a woman is easy as you just need to "remove" a few things; but the reverse transformation involves adding a couple of bits that weren't there before - and this is more difficult...

Oct 4th 2013 at 6:40:16 AM •••

This seems like it belongs here, but I'm not sure if it is a good example of the trope.

Sep 16th 2013 at 1:53:31 AM •••

"Averted by Tiresias, the blind seer of Greek myth, who was turned into a female, and then several years later was turned back into a man."

I'd like to add a comment about snakes to this entry, but I'm not sure exactly what.

The reason Tiresias turned in the first place was this: He's walking along, usually to a meeting of the intimate kind in most versions, and sees two snakes having their own meeting. He knocks them apart with his staff... and apparently a god of some level takes offense. So Tiresias is now a lady -but still likes those meetings and finds they are now profitable as well as enjoyable.

A few years later, Tiresias is trotting along, on the same path in some versions, and, possibly on the same spot, sees two snakes making more snakes again. Apparently tired of Greek women's status outside of Sparta, she knocked them apart. Welcome back testosterone.

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Sep 16th 2013 at 8:25:55 AM •••

Why is any of that a spoiler? I think the statute of limitations has kind of run out.

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