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Aug 23rd 2018 at 9:59:46 AM •••

I have an idea for creating the page for Pushing Tin. I watched it and it seems to have a few trope examples including Magical Native American (maybe mundane—the half-Indian character has this Leitmotif of Indian wind-chimes), Empathic Environment (every particularly bad day the hero has coincides with a storm), Romance on the Set (which has a wik for this movie, as do Fake American / Fake Nationality), and YKTTW they switch between film footage, CGI simulation of the radar and the heroes' view of their scope? It has that too. I don't know where to start. Is this worth working on?

Apr 19th 2013 at 3:12:08 PM •••

Water dripping >> a surprised look above

Hello, I am newbie to this community :)

I am currently doing an exercise for my studies - it involves editing found footage (film) containing certain stereotypes...My stereotype (trope) is a water(or any other liquid) drop from above, so that actor looks up in surprise...Like that iconic scene from the beginning of 'Once Upon a Time in Wild West' - here's a screenshot:

Please help me find as many films as possible containing this trope...Thanks a lot! :)

p.s. So far I've collected footage from Alien, Dark Water, The Silence of The Lambs, Stigmata....please help me find more :)

Nov 11th 2012 at 4:55:57 AM •••

I think we should have a category for Family Films (that is, films suitable for the whole family). What does everyone else think?

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