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Dec 20th 2010 at 11:36:25 PM •••

The article mentions the Nundu and the Lethifold being the only two five star creatures to not be featured in a book. Is this true? When was the Quintaped mentioned?

Apr 20th 2010 at 10:48:39 AM •••

As I don't have my copy with me at the moment, wondering if anyone remembers a particularly Take That, Critics!-ish bit of information on the three-headed snake called the Runespoor.

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Aug 16th 2010 at 2:48:12 AM •••

There were three heads; I forget what the first two did but the third serves to critique the others' actions and has its own special and more potent venom. It's not uncommon for the other two heads to get fed up and kill the third head.

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