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May 16th 2016 at 5:44:58 AM •••

I have a counter-example of a story where the heroes set out to save all the alternate universes. The thing is, do I put it here or on Save Both Worlds ? Because Save Both Worlds, in spite of being identified on this page as the Opposite Trope to Expendable Alternate Universes, seems more specific (a situation where the same danger/connected dangers threaten both the home-world and the alternate dimension), whereas my example is more exactly this here trope in reverse (the hero isn't faced with any specific danger at home, but learns of the existence of alternate universes, is informed that in countless versions of his own worlds bad guys are winning at this very moment, and decides to go save those worlds).

Jul 31st 2012 at 3:28:36 AM •••

hmmm, just to keep things minimalist, yet - in this 'verse - another Lit. example (among the endless variants) would be Piers Anthony's series Omnivore, Orn, & OX — with an overpopulate earth colonializing emptier parallel earths — which meta-milleau includes some good (realistic) depictions of how alt.universe travellers might accommodate linguistic variations ... unk

Jan 26th 2011 at 7:11:24 AM •••

Removing the Meta category...


  • If we would ever find a way to travel to alternate universes we would probably consider their versions of popular fictional works as just Fanfic (watching the second season of Firefly would be great, but what if you get a million second seasons?)
    • Pick the best one.
      • But 'best' is subjective. And with an infinite number of parallel universes, literally EVERY fan would like a different version most.
    • You'd get Fiction Identity Postulate, which is what you have anyway.

...since it's Conversation In The Main Page. It's an interesting one, though, so hopefully it'll take off in here.

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