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Sep 1st 2015 at 12:42:02 AM •••

Hi,I'm not really sure how this sit works so hear gose nothing. ... I know this sounds crazy but when I was a little kid around the late 1990s I used to watch alot of shows on tv with my gramma, I can still remeber this one show about faires.

All I can remeber about it is that these kids would sometimes shrink and disapear into the forsest of the fairy kindom, and at one time in the show the evil king fairy tried to kidnap one of the kids while riding on a black crow? Then in a diffrent part I think the old fairy queen became a human and let a former humen girl become the queen in her place? Its been such a long time since I saw it,for all I know it might not even be an old tv show at all? ...I think the show was on ytv or tree house because I only ever watched those two chanels, I've searched the net hign and low for years to find out what the title was but can't find anything! If anyone was a fellow couch potato around 1999-2000 and shaw this series, please let me know because I can't seen to remeber what the title was? Thanks

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Sep 1st 2015 at 3:04:32 AM •••

Greetings. You need to put some effort in your spelling; it's only barely readable.

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