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Jan 12th 2018 at 8:41:00 AM •••

  • Dragon Ball Z has Trunks, the Kid from the Future of Bulma and Vegeta, two characters who had no interaction up to that, claims out of nowhere that Yamcha, Bulma's boyfriend since the beginning mistreated Bulma and was seeing other women. This makes little sense as Yamcha is portrayed in the series as a Nice Guy who wanted to get married and was a gynophobic character who had issues with other women. The Unfair Sex is also heavily added to the mix as Bulma was constantly openly chasing other men throughout their entire relationship, yet Yamcha being derailed into being unfaithful is supposed to make him look bad, never mind that Vegeta had murdered children in the previous arc. The Japanese voice actors even pointed out how little sense this makes and a popular fan justification is Bulma made it all up.

The example was obviously written by a Yamcha fan who hates Bulma and the Bulma/Vegeta ship. Please rewrite it in a more neutral fashion.

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Apr 15th 2019 at 7:12:10 AM •••

Which part exactly is problematic?

Jul 20th 2016 at 9:06:34 AM •••

The Frozen entry has been deleted by making the argument of not being actually this trope since Hans turning out to be a villain is not the main purpose for bringing the Official Couple together per-se.

This argument can be debatable as we can only speculate what could have happened if Hans didn't turn out to be a bad guy; Anna had every intention to marry Hans and was convinced of being in love with him, granted, it's a possibility that there could be some conflict with her because of her growing feelings for Kristoff, which ultimately could result into deciding that Hans is not the person she loves. (Similarly to The Notebook) But the fact is we will never know for sure.

I acknowledge that the creators wanted to deconstruct the Love at First Sight trope so prevalent in other Disney movies, however, I am arguing the actual execution of it, the way it was done, and the end result of Anna pairing with Kristoff, really fits the page description of this trope in my opinion:

  • Prince Hans in Frozen. At the beginning he behaves like the textbook Prince Charming, and the only hint that he's the Romantic False Lead is the fact that he proposed marriage to Princess Anna right after meeting her and spending several fun moments together. He even acts supportive of Anna during the crisis and even saves Queen Elsa from being killed. But then in the end, well after the real romantic interest Kristoff has been introduced, completely out of the left field he reveals himself as a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who was only interested in the kingdom. It comes off as turning him into a villain just for the sake of as justifying him being the romantic false lead and also having a bad guy on a Disney movie.

Edited by matruz
Feb 15th 2015 at 2:58:48 PM •••

This is an argument about whether or not the trope applies. Please could anyone that knows the work better than I do determine whether this should be rewritten or scrubbed from the page?

  • In the last book of The Princess Diaries, JP, who up until then had been a pretty Nice Guy, suddenly turns out to have been a total Jerk Ass all along when the author needs to have Michael and Mia get back together
    • Many fans thought that the kiss in the eighth book as well as the circumstances surrounding his break up with Lily (i.e. the Anvilicious implications that he was only with her to remain close to Mia) as well as several other factors indicated that he was the Jerk Ass all along. Therefore, the events were not without foreshadowing, and so doesn't fit this trope. Of course, almost all JP/Mia shippers tended to overlook these moments in earlier books while Michael/Mia fans zeroed in on them.

Jan 16th 2015 at 4:39:23 PM •••

The Naruto example reeks of Ship-to-Ship Combat and it's really embarrassing. Placing it here until it can be re-written in a less biased manner.

  • In The Last Naruto The Movie, the movie that attempts to flesh out Naruto falling in love with Hinata. Only it does so in a way that rewrites several of the character's motivations to support the pairing. How did the writers solve the problem of Naruto's feelings for Sakura whom he was established to be in love with in Chapter 3? Simple! They make Sakura into a Shipper on Deck for Naruto and Hinata when she never showed any indication of that previously and flanderize Naruto into not knowing the difference between loving ramen and loving a person and when the time comes for Naruto and Sakura to part ways? They handwave his feelings for her as a byproduct of his rivalry with Sasuke? So Naruto only saw Sakura as a prize to be won from Sasuke. The boy who once said "I hate people who lie to themselves!" is officially the biggest hypocrite in the world. All this to try and justify Hinata as Naruto's one and only true love. No wonder so many fans and shippers were pissed off.

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Jan 19th 2015 at 9:54:33 AM •••

Honestly I think any mention of Naruto should just be removed entirely from this page, as nothing in The Last involves this trope at all. This trope is meant to describe love interests being derailed into Jerkasses, none of which happened in the movie unless you use some hardcore Alternate Character Interpretation, which in itself is a YMMV trope. I wouldn't even make a neutral statement either, just leave it out.

Apr 14th 2013 at 10:28:37 PM •••

What happened to all the examples below Live Action TV? Was there a cleanup?

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Telcontar MOD
Apr 15th 2013 at 4:07:21 AM •••

Nope; The Jinny probably had a connection error of some kind, which lead to half that folder and all the ones below it being deleted. I've restored the rest of the page (Andyzero already got the Live-Action TV folder).

Feb 7th 2011 at 4:54:15 PM •••

It's even worse when writers don't use this trope though. The French film "Heartbreaker" just has Alice marry Bob despite C still being absolutely perfect and having done no wrong. It feel like you're rooting for the wrong side

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