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Sep 1st 2010 at 1:02:32 PM •••

Contents of previous discussion page: 09:22:47 AM Apr 4th 2010 Allesindesoep: Aren't there any examples in real life? Lullabee 05:11:42 PM Apr 29th 2010 edited by Lullabee Because in real life, if someone casually drops something into conversation, you can ask them about it, you know? If you walk into the room and your friend is saying, "And then they made me their chief," you can go, "Hey, back up, who did?" The information is accessible in real life.

If you want to make a troper tales page, go on ahead, but most Real Life sections on main pages are more objective than what most Real Life Whats A Secret Four examples would be.

Captain Crawdad 02:02:01 AM Apr 5th 2010 Why hasn't this trope been renamed yet? 06:35:10 PM Jun 9th 2010 I don't know. I thought it was agreed that this was the worst-named trope here. 12:21:11 PM Jul 15th 2010 I'll put this back up on the forums.

universalperson 07:53:00 AM Aug 21st 2010 There's too much overlap with Brick Joke here. The point of a secret four is that it's never explained.

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