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Mar 5th 2010 at 9:44:42 AM •••

Orihime: This is natter, really. Can it be discussed without bitching, please?

  • Unfortunate Implications: Where do we start... Between the necrophilia, attempted suicide...
    • The necrophilia angle shouldn't count, as Victor didn't love Emily.
      • He didn't at first.
        • Well he only seemed ready to fully accept her when Victoria was forced to marry Barkis.
    • I think it's more that the whole "honeymoon night" was never mentioned.
    • For the record, guys, Unfortunate Implications means implications that are offensive and politically incorrect. As Family Unfriendly as necorphilia is, I don't think it could be considered "politically incorrect". Hell, does necrophilia even show up in politics? The jury's out on the attempted suicide, though. And please, please don't act like this movie can compare with the implications from Song Of The South or 300. It pisses this troper off.

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