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Apr 26th 2012 at 12:18:42 AM •••

They are not always striperrific often a majority of their skin is covered and the hells are a stand alone trait.

Mar 16th 2010 at 7:17:46 PM •••

Novium: It's kind of a pet peeve now, but all over this wiki there are justifications for the combat stilettos that go "but they can really hurt someone! that makes up for it!" People who write this, I suspect, have never, ever worn stilettos. Even with a lot of experience wearing them, they still make your balance very precarious. It does not take much to push you off balance. It also is extremely easy to slip or stumble in conditions where practical footwear is necessary. Being able to stab someone's foot doesn't do you much good if they can push you over and/or cause you to break an ankle quite easily.

Also: the very very last thing you'd want to be doing in such shoes is running and/or jumping. In addition to the issues mentioned above, it absolutely kills your knees.

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Mar 17th 2011 at 10:06:59 PM •••

Read the artical before you comment on it, since it states that this trope is dying and many of the characters themselves struggle just to walk in them.

Oct 13th 2011 at 8:55:04 PM •••

... so they can't be used in real life.

Why this affect the story?

Around 90% of the things fictional characters do can't be done in real life (... just like in Real Life, ironically) and that's including the realistic ones, like crime fighters and martial artist. So you can damage your foot or brake your ankle trying to do this, fair enough. But you are pointing out about normal people, normal girls or run of the mill martial artist while comparing them to the great warriors in other Universe. Like comparing your highschool classmate or the streetcorner teacher to Bruce Lee or Nai Khanomtom

I honestly don't see to far fetched that the girl who can break walls, kick so fast as to break the speed of sound or do acrobacies that would shame the Circo du Solei could fight without problem in high heels. Once again, many characters do more silly things regularly without anybody bothering to pointing it out.

Also, no, the Trope is not dying. It's simply a tool that is used in the media. There are lampshades and even parodies, but many works still use them in unironic ways.

The problem is that many writers tend to believe that by having their character pointing it out the sheer "incongruence" of fighting ability and High heels, they are "smarter" or "mature" than the idiots who follow this trope.

And that's just sad. Using an imposibility to give weight to your work is just depressing, as if the limit of their imagination and originality would be so short. It's like reviewers and critics snarking about Female characters striperrific outfits and how impractical that is when you had a buch of guys wearing an strip of cloth in the middle of a blizzard, half a ton in the blazing desert, jumping from 30m to the ground and running faster than a car without trouble

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