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Aug 12th 2011 at 2:12:19 PM •••

Does ANYONE think that DASH looks like and Espeon or Glaceon? Or am I crazy?

Jan 21st 2011 at 4:35:01 PM •••

I was thinking that the Clow Cards could use a section of the character page similar to that of the individual Pokémon. It would help with organizing series tropes and I can certainly think of several cards that are quite trope-able.

Jan 10th 2011 at 6:14:43 AM •••

The second movie of Cardcaptor Sakura does a similar thing in the final scene that stops halfway on a cliffhanger. But apparently the missing scene comes on an official image that's found on some devoted sites for one and yes its genuine as you can clearly see (if not convinced see the copyright logo. In copies where the illustrator's name at the bottom is readable, it is revealed to be the chief animation director of the movie ! ) What was CLAMP thinking?

Interestingly the ccs wiki also mentions this image on this page here Take a look and decide if that qualifies as an additional trope? What would you call it as?

Said image can be found if you google "cheerio fan site image gallery movie 2" and click the very first search result and do some searching around in anime —> Films -> II ( or search up in tineye. Alternatively google this up "cardcaptor sakura movie 2 final still image". You'll get it in the very first link

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Jan 10th 2011 at 9:54:11 AM •••

PS : Image comes in two parts. Needless to say that there's a classic case of Archive Panic out there.

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Feb 7th 2011 at 6:05:37 AM •••

To be fair is there any official statement this represents the true ending and isn't just a generic picture the animator made to promote the movie?

If it is designed as such however, it may count as a rather diverse Trailers Always Spoil (more so than the movie itself) since it is seemingly used in an ad for the movie on the scan.

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Feb 7th 2011 at 10:40:37 AM •••

Thanks to Word of Wiki, the image was found after a long search.

This was one of the images released along with the movie — the japanese next to the copyright symbol says so. Its' not available on the regular edition, so its almost certainly from the art gallery of the special edition disk — many reviews seem to point to that (The special edition had another 20 very high quality pictures...that website in fact has all of them as well). There is Word of Wiki on that one.

But really, if seeing is believing, its Captain Obvious the moment you see it.

Technically this image is what is called Loose Canon as it an effort to connect the "extra" to the main material. To illustrate, if you take this picture (the full image — its in 2 parts) and place it side by side with the very last scene in the video, you'll instantly notice that they match up perfectly. Compare these 3 images , and the poster

Takeoff, midair, landing...see? Just imagine for a sec if you were the animator. Even if you wanted to show the hug in the video, that's exactly the pose which you'd end up with either way. Note that the staff in the left hand and Syaoran's arms in the exact same position as in the video. You can only land so horizontal if you jumped a good distance and were on the descent. One dub video on youtube in fact demonstrated that by putting the image immediately after the video ending. Some youtube videos (which have since been removed) had explained this with the link in the comments.

If that were a comic strip or a manga, that is exactly how two consecutive frames would show a sequence - maintaining compatibility of positions is key in comics to show continuity. Open the 3 images on 3 tabs in that same order as mentioned and quickly switch between tabs and you see a perfect motion sequence.

No doubt about that — It Makes Sense in Context and fans who own or have seen it first hand all accept it as such. The overwhelming majority of the fandom who has seen this (and versions of it), accepts it as Loose Canon because of the context and that it's an official picture by CLAMP.

Above all, not to mention the whole point of the Second Movie itself is to get to this point. In both the manga & anime, once Sakura hugs Syaoran, the series is over!!

And all that does not include the bonus extra episode after the movie (on the Special Edition) showing the cast, if only for a few seconds, celebrating a tea party at Sakura's house (now why would that scene be needed for a Kero Chan episode? It wasn't done in the TV series. And yeah, one can easily guess what they were celebrating over — the happy ending of course). And it includes Eriol — he wasn't around during the movie or anytime between the TV series and the movie, so the only time he can come to Japan is after the events of the second movie are over). In fact it is even mentioned they hadn't had a tea party for a long time (since the TV series last episode). But of course since it is Loose Canon all this is valid only IF it is worth considering as part of the story.

This so far is based on available canon & Loose Canon. Besides jumping such a small gap with the Jump Card is now a minor triviality after all that has happened — it has easily jumped several stories and is capable of feather landings so precise it can land on a dime, from heights that would kill anyone.

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Feb 7th 2011 at 10:41:58 AM •••

There were several youtube videos that have edited cleaned up versions of the poster into the last scene of the video. Since then unfortunately, copyright claims removed most of the videos...but there's still some left

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Feb 7th 2011 at 4:15:15 PM •••

While there is vast similarities, I'm merely saying there is no Word of God on this and the dynamic posing for many official pics for the show doesn't make it impossible it is just a generic promo art. I admit it is rather likely to exist as a resolution but it is still unconfirmed.

I am merely making an argument to how the image exists, you yourself said it isn't 100% confirmed to represent the official ending and either way isn't the most efficient way to wrap up a poignant ending. Maybe I have overstated my opinion around here but it's not "working myself up" to suggest a subjective claim may not be official statement. The show to many is good, but it had oddities that fit the respective trope. It may have better fit the YMMV page but it isn't a complaint to the franchise just to imply something from that trope. Though if I'm going to be labelled an arrogant basher just because I don't call the picture the official conclusion with zero doubt I'll just keep my trap shut.

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Feb 7th 2011 at 5:55:07 PM •••

I correct my statement that there is no Word of God on that, the poster is full of words of God announcing the DVD release (which btw happened in 2003, a couple of years AFTER the movie itself was released). And it is signed by the chief animation god putting his name at the bottom right.

More research shows that the Japanese on the left says, "I want to tell you once again" — suggestively pointing out Sakura telling Syaoran once again "I love you." in her jump. No one in their right mind would ever indulge in all the Captain Obvious mentioned through this thread and then expect the audience to believe it's not related.

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Jun 8th 2010 at 8:05:41 AM •••

when are you going to add character sheet to cardcaptor sakura!!!!!

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Sep 6th 2010 at 8:46:30 PM •••

Why don't you do it if you want one so bad?

Jun 3rd 2010 at 12:13:02 PM •••

notreallyatroper: In the anime, Episode 12 I think, when Sakura's father speaks to her class about his job, Syaoran shows quite a bit of intrest in archaeology. Come Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, that version of Syaoran is an Adventurer Archaeologist. Coincidence? Mythology Gag? Just as CLAMPed!?

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Feb 7th 2011 at 10:50:12 AM •••

Thousands of Fanfics had Sakura as a princess and Syaoran as the prince...Come Tsubasa and what do you see?

Feb 7th 2011 at 10:51:07 AM •••

Many Fanfics had Sakura as a princess and Syaoran as a prince or someone who loves the princess and vice versa...Come Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and what do you see? Word of Wiki confirms it..

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