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Jul 10th 2014 at 1:48:26 PM •••

Cut to be seriously edited:

  • Subverted in Magic: The Gathering since the objective is to defeat your opponent in a magical duel, every player is by definition one of these. Played straight in casual team variants, where one teammate can dedicate himself solely to being The Medic.

This extremely loose interpretation of the trope, to put it mildly. Most of Magic: the Gathering conflict is based more on Summon Magic, while the Black Mage trope is summed up in the description as being more about overt, blasty fireball-throwing than calling armies or swarms of bugs to your defence. I'm putting in a more accurate description now.

ccoa MOD
Jan 25th 2012 at 5:51:25 AM •••

This entry is apparently disputed:

  • In Golden Sun Mars/fire adepts tend to be the most combat orientated, magic-wise (Mercury/water and Jupiter/wind psyenergy focuses healing while venus/earth is the only one with revive spells). All the characters in the game are more along the lines of Magic Knights rather than dedicated spellcasters though.
    • Actually, given the individual differences on what psynergy can be learned, wind adepts are just as much Black Mage as fire adepts, if not more so. In The Lost Age, Jenna, on a pure fire build, can learn the powerful aura series of psynergy, a potent healing move second only to the water wish series. And, there is absolutely are healing/revive moves that are classified as wind psynergy. So really, the Black Mages of the games are Garet, Ivan, and Sheba.

Could someone sort out who's right and put it back in un-Natterfied form?

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