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Jul 24th 2018 at 2:02:51 PM •••

Here\'s a non-lethal example from Gene Autry\'s Ride Ranger Ride, from 1936. In the movie, there\'s a case of Jurisdiction Friction between the Texas Rangers and the US Army over the Comanche issue in Texas.

Anyways, near the beginning, just before this one race between the Rangers and the Army, this grizzled-looking scout, and this one Indian, are making something of a wager, over if this one particular man will win the race. They check him out, with the Indian taking the man\'s hat off, looking at his hair, accepting the bet. When the racer asks what\'s going on, the scout says \"You get to keep your hair if you win.\" Racer falls off his horse within thirty seconds, at which point, the Indian goes after him, to \"Get his scalp\". The racer, while terrible on a horse, is good on foot, manages to outrun him.

After this, every time the Indian sees the racer, said Indian goes after him, prompting the racer to keep running, and hiding, even locking himself in a guarded cell, to try to keep his hair.

At the end, however, the Indian does, seem to, get the drop on the racer, who says \"Help yourself\", taking their hat off. The Indian\'s look of triumph quickly changes to shock, when he sees that the racer is now bald. The racer holds up a razor blade, laughs, and says \"I shaved this morning.\"

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Jul 27th 2018 at 12:42:21 PM •••

Said movie was remade in 1941 as Saddlemates, with a similar plot, and, rather importantly, a situation where one man tries to avoid getting scalped by an Indian, as part of a bet, before eventually going to the barber for a haircut, preventing the Indian from getting his scalp.

Feb 15th 2014 at 1:57:01 AM •••

  • Pretty much what [[Literature/BookOfJudges Judge Samson]] did in the Philistine Temple.

I don't think this one qualifies for this trope. While it was definitely a taking you with me, at that point Samson had survived a long enough imprisonment for his hair to grow long again. The conditions outlined in the book do not mention him possibly being killed. The Philistines were going to gloat, oh yes, that's why they hauled him into the temple in the first place. But there was nothing to say they were going to do more.

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Feb 15th 2014 at 4:04:15 AM •••

A fan theory. Interesting, but it belongs on the work's WMG or other relevant page.

  • There's also a popular fan theory that Foxface's death wasn't accidental and that she knew perfectly well that she was eating poisonous berries, choosing to commit suicide on her own terms rather than being killed in some brutal fashion by the other tributes or the gamemakers. The theory goes that she made it look like an accident so her loved ones wouldn't get into trouble.

Edit: Plonking this here on the basis it's too general for a wiki example.

Edit 2: * In more of a political death, Richard Nixon decided (or had it decided for him, depending on how you look at it) to resign from the Presidency once it came out that he had explicitly told his associates to stonewall or cover up what they knew of Watergate.

This trope is about literal death. This might fit somewhere else.

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