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Jan 18th 2013 at 2:15:51 AM •••

I remember as a kid that one game with an attract mode that the player (or whoever controlled the player) did horribly, like dying, failing simple things. You know stuff that would go as Rule of Funny.

Oct 21st 2011 at 7:53:25 AM •••

Coin operated kiddie rides gotten on the bandwagon since the early 90s. Many Japanese and Italian made rides would play a snippet of the song that it would play while running (which may or may not be accompanied with speech inviting kids to ride the thing). Those made in the UK plays back speech snippets (which among other things, invites any passing kids to play with it, explains the type of coins accepted by the ride as most rides originating from the country are multi-coin capable, as well as the vendor's service phone number), but music sample is optional and not all rides play it. Some are just plain illogical (the interactive van series of rides by R.G. Mitchells are often cited by parents as Accidental Nightmare Fuel- this is why). Certain new china-made rides are starting to have an attract mode too, which has nothing to do with whatever music the ride actually plays. Many new lower end rides however do not have an attract mode at all.

The above is from the page and seems like a good example, but the video on Youtube is now labeled private, so it can't be seen. Does anyone remember what it showed well enough to find a suitable replacement?

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