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Mar 14th 2013 at 4:46:31 AM •••

  • Armageddon explains the cloudburst of meteorites as the result of a comet passing through the asteroid belt and bouncing shrapnel into Earth's vicinity, including an asteroid "the size of Texas," whatever that means. This is doubly wrong, once for thinking that a single comet could collide with so many asteroids and conveniently shove them in the same general direction, and twice for thinking that a comet (size range 100 meters to 40+ kilometers) could knock a Texas-sized piece of anything out of the belt entirely.
    • Enough shrapnel was knocked out of the asteroid belt to keep Earth in a 'shooting gallery' for 18 days."

There's also the mind-boggling physics of the comet striking at just the right angle and force... to keep Earth in a meteor storm for nearly three weeks... and knock The Asteroid towards Earth... during the three weeks Earth moves along its orbit. That part always drove me nuts.

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Apr 14th 2014 at 10:57:29 PM •••

I'm deleting the following item:

  • In the Voyager episode "Year of Hell," the beat-up ship hides in a nebula... and suffers from gas leaking in, implying that it's denser than the ship's atmosphere.

This is clearly an example of Space Clouds — and, in fact, it's already listed as an example of that trope. It has nothing to do with asteroids.

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