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Mar 22nd 2021 at 7:51:32 AM •••

Linking to a past Trope Repair Shop thread that dealt with this page: Shouldn't this be plural?, started by MangaManiac on Oct 14th 2011 at 7:41:47 PM

Nov 5th 2011 at 8:52:16 AM •••

I can't find a better place to ask this, so here goes: is there anyone still interested in discussing 'Codename:Kids Next Door'? I made a few contributions on the cartoon's page recently, and would be glad to have some feedback. Thanks.

Jul 22nd 2010 at 1:51:15 PM •••

It has been discussed and decided by admin fiat ([1]) that the medium trope lists should be medium exclusive tropes i.e. the tropes that only appear in this medium and are based around the technical limitations or freedoms of this medium. The medium tropes indices are a different kettle of fish from genre indices and the precise problem we get with these medium indices is that people throw things from every genre onto one page and have no way to describe the individual indices or give the impression that the medium is stuck on one genre (e.g. Comic Book Tropes and Superhero Tropes).

So, as with Video Game Tropes, Anime Tropes and Comic Book Tropes, this page will be first redescribed and then I will go through the index to clear out non-medium specific tropes and simultaneously taking advantage of the opportunity to compile indices for specific genres e.g. Theatrical Cartoon Shorts, Saturday Morning Action.

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Jul 23rd 2010 at 3:15:18 PM •••

=> Releveant tropes moved to The Golden Age Of Animation

=> Relevant tropes moved to Funny Animal Tropes

=> Releveant tropes moved to Saturday Morning Cartoon

=>Relevant tropes moved to Zany Cartoon

=> Relevant tropes moved to Graphical Tropes


Edited by SomeSortOfTroper
Jul 23rd 2010 at 4:10:55 PM •••

I agree with the move, and agree that there should be sub indexes for the tropes being moved, but since these pages don't exist yet, perhaps, for the time being, we leave the tropes on this page, but soft split them into these subcategories and leave them at the bottom of the page until there's enough tropes in each category to warrant a separate page.

Jul 24th 2010 at 5:19:13 AM •••

The genres should be distinct from the medium. That is the reason for the clearout. The page shouldn't have genre subcategories because it is the medium's page. We'd be trading something we know we should do for something that maybe we should do e.g. With the Golden Age Of Animation, would we split off Theatrical Cartoon Shorts?

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Nov 14th 2010 at 2:33:33 PM •••

  • Hair Reboot
  • Jaw Drop (if it's just the reaction, then it's just the reaction. If it has to be an inhuman jaw drop...a graphical trope but that seems like a cut off hard to define when dealing with inhuman jaw lines anyway).
  • Narrow Escape - didn't delete but not 100% sure (hiding behind a smaller pole, surely that require cheating with animation?).

Edited by SomeSortOfTroper
Nov 14th 2010 at 5:24:34 PM •••

Um...did you do something to that page or something? I'm a little confused.

Nov 15th 2010 at 2:06:11 AM •••

No, I was just recording Hair Reboot because I'm unsure about that one. It has some films examples (though really I think only two of them are the trope as described) and they're done with cutaways rather than cgi or anything. I'm thinking that if I build up another list another genre might pop out or I could search online for "animated genres" (how people define genre in those cases seems to be variable).

Aug 16th 2011 at 2:54:53 AM •••

For the record, I'm done going through them. There may be finer points to argue about particular items but overall I'm happy. We have a couple of shiny new indices too.

Jul 21st 2010 at 4:36:00 AM •••

Have you discussed the topic of "Animated Subjective Reality", particularly the character who runs off the side of a cliff but doesn't fall until he realizes that he is walking on thin air?

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Jul 23rd 2010 at 2:52:43 PM •••

We have that particular trope, somewhere, I can't recall the name and we do have Rule of Perception which is related.

edit- you want Gravity Is a Harsh Mistress.

Edited by SomeSortOfTroper
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