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Feb 13th 2019 at 12:14:23 PM •••

ETA: There are spoilers for Darkhold in this post but they\'re not appearing as spoilers for some reason. Is markup for discussion posts different? I can only assume that\'s the reason for the weird formatting.

This was originally a part of the page, but I commented it out because I\'m not sure that any of these really count:

  • Accidentally Broke The Mac Guffin:
    • In The City of Ember, the \"Instructions for Egress\" were mostly ruined by Lina\'s baby sister, Poppy, chewing on them; this turned what would have otherwise been a very quick and simple quest into a much more difficult and time-consuming ordeal as they tried to piece together what remained of the instructions.
    • The \"Instructions for Egress\" had been kept in a safe in a special place of honor for years until about fifty or sixty years earlier, the then mayor took it home and tried to open it, never replacing the safe but instead, having it shoved into a closet to be forgotten and unseen even as its timed lock opened.
      • Slightly tweaked in the film adaptation; the box was meant to be passed from mayor to mayor, but the box was lost when one mayor died while in the role, with his family inheriting the box without knowing what it was for.
    • In The Diamond Of Darkhold, Doon throws the diamond of Darkhold at a pack of wolves to save Lina. The diamond hits the rock that Lina is standing on and shatters into hundreds of pieces. Luckily, the diamond is only a sample. There are exactly one thousand diamonds in a hidden room in the cave. The diamonds are ancient technology that turns solar power into electricity.

For one thing, neither the Instructions for Egress nor the box containing them are Mac Guffins by any definition of the term. For another, the box wasn\'t even broken. The last example is the only one that might be a true example, as while the diamonds aren\'t really Mac Guffins, their purpose in the book hadn\'t yet been revealed and for all intents and purposes they were more or less Mac Guffins. However, I\'m still not sure if it would count, as Doon quite deliberately threw the diamond and I have a hard time imagining he didn\'t expect it to break.

What do you guys think?

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