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Apr 3rd 2014 at 12:50:48 PM •••

I would note that stories with this premise *have* existed before. This isn't so much to take away from the greatness of Dinosaur Comics — they are awesome — but just to point out that the premise behind this book isn't *just* a crazy, wacky, random idea by a fictional character. I remember reading an old sci-fi story — can't remember the name any longer, but this would have been published many decades ago — that had a similar concept: Two scientists invent a machine that takes a tiny skin sample from any person, and then shows moments from that person's future on a screen, as they would be seen through their eyes. One character uses the machine to foresee their own death; as in this book, the prediction ends up being accurate but vague, and the character turns out to be powerless to change their future.

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