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Mar 16th 2014 at 8:59:56 PM •••

I apologize if I've got the wrong tale. But I recall there being an indestructible gate. And everyone behind the gate made a huge deal out of its indestructibility. When the heroes were trapped on the wrong side of the indestructible gate, they trashed _everything_else_ to escape, leaving the indestructible gate intact. After this, the indestructible gate was replaced with one that was 'almost indestructible' to avoid the same result incase the same thing happened again. Seems, like a trope. Related to things like why go through the trouble to rob the painting from penthouse when I can goad my rival to do it and drop it in the trash chute for later retrieval (by me instead of him, as it turns out). Or in Oceans 12 the hysters did something similar. In the Andy Griffith Show, some bank robbers cracked a vault only to find Andy waiting inside for them. He had let them crack the vault and thanked them profusely as he arrested them. He was grateful someone had managed to learn the combination. He'd used the back door to enter the vault that had been installed when the bank manager had forgotten the password years before.

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Aug 18th 2012 at 10:47:54 AM •••

Sun Wukong is not a god. Gods are personifications or controller certain aspects of the universe such as the sun, moon, fire, wind, water, thunder, earth, health, plague, creation, death, etc. and they are also worshipped and giving thanks to the people according to what they personify. So why is he listed as a Jerk—- God although I agree he is a jerk, but could just be listed as just a Jerk—- rather than a Jerk—- God. Also the Buddha disciples Anada and Kaysapa are not gods either.

The bandits who killed Kou Hong in chapter 97 would also Karma Houdinis as well since they were never punished.

I disagree with who ever posted that Wukong becomes a nicer guy as the story progesses as the story teaching him not to kill humans even if they are completely monstrous, but it does not teach him the value the life of monster including his fellow monkeys. Although Tang Sanzang did not mind seeing Liu Hong (a human villain in the novel) being kill as he separated him, but yet he cannot bear to any human not to be killed evening if they are completely monstrous so there should be some mention of Tang Sanzang being a hypocrite in this story in addition that he wants his disciples to spare humans who try to kill him, but is okay with them killing monsters who try to kill him although there should be mention that in some adaptations of the Journey to the West that Tang Sanzang does convince his disciples to spare monsters who try to kill him.

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