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Jun 5th 2017 at 9:41:12 PM •••

Is Anthony really omnipotent? I quote from the original story - After colliding a bird under his control with a rock, and killing it, when distracted " Petulantly, he thought the rock into a grave in the corn field; but he couldn't do anything more with the bird. Not because it was dead, though it was; but because it had a broken wing." Now, we learn in the story that he can affect people who are ill ( "Like curing your wife's sick headaches or your kid's mumps" ) but there is no-one with a broken bone in the community. Is this evidence of a rather bizarre Achilles' Heel in his powers, that someone with a broken bone is beyond his 'reach"?

Mar 22nd 2013 at 5:18:51 AM •••

So is this page for the original work or the Twilight Zone episode recap? Because the Twilight Zone recap page links here.

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Telcontar MOD
Mar 22nd 2013 at 5:36:56 AM •••

I think that that Twilight Zone episode was based on this, but I can't say further.

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