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Apr 7th 2013 at 7:02:00 PM •••

Some issues with the Retcon entry:

There is said to be no single Imperial government anymore, only minor warlords, and the Republic has been officially at peace for nearly three years. Later books would introduce the idea of a continuing Imperial Remnant and indeed the Republic is still fighting it throughout the timeframe of this book.
  • The Establishment of The Remnant was in The Callista Trilogy, which only predates this Trilogy by 4 years, so there likely were some holdouts... like The Human League, which surfaced 2 years after the this trilogy. Conversely, the idea of a three year unofficial armistice is actually supported by the idea that Pellaeon would have some dissenters to cow.

When the Yevetha are revealed to have an Executor-class Super Star Destroyer, it's said that the Republic has nothing of the same size to counter it with. Later books would introduce the SSD Lusankya, which the Republic did have access to at this point.
  • Was The Lusankya involved in any action in the Hand Of Thrawn duology or later? Because what went on aboard that ship would doom it to be outright scrapped. (Or at least made a museum piece, which would be counter to BFC.)

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Apr 20th 2013 at 12:36:43 PM •••

On the first point, IDK if there's been an official explanation, but Leland Chee fixed a similar Continuity Snarl with the Young Jedi Knights series by retconning the series' first third's Imperial Big Bad as a Renegade Splinter Faction. So there is a precedent for what you're saying.

Regarding the second point, Isard's Revenge has the Lusankya in the final stages of being repaired after its capture in The Bacta War, and the New Republic brass states that depending on how long it takes it could be available to help fight Prince-Admiral Krennel (it wasn't). They apparently used it as a mobile biowarfare lab for a while, then put it into an active military role. The Essential Chronology has Lusankya being used in combat in the Orinda Campaign about three years before BFC, including multiple inconclusive duels with the Imperial SSD Reaper under Pellaeon. It also turns up in the Enemy Lines duology (can't ever forget Operation Emperor's Hammer), where it is eventually destroyed in a ramming attack against a Yuuzhan Vong worldship. So yes, this was definitely retconned. Possibly the Lusankya was undergoing repairs at the time of BFC (we know from other sources such as I, Jedi that Imperial II-class destroyers are very maintenance-intensive and SSDs may be similar) and was simply unavailable.

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