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May 14th 2013 at 1:58:49 AM •••

Out of curiosity, has there been any explanation as to why the manga has seemingly gone on hiatus? Like, apparently it's gotten to volume 5, and it's status is still 'ongoing', but there has been a new chapter in over half a year.

ccoa MOD
Aug 7th 2012 at 11:47:41 AM •••


  • Pettanko — Taiga, who is so flat that even the smallest-sized swimsuit is loose on her chest.

Pettanko is not a trope. UsefulNotes.Pettanko is a fanspeak term definition only. The tropes are A-Cup Angst (girl is sensitive about her lack of size) or Petite Pride (girl is proud of her flat-chestedness). Anything else is not a trope. Please return this example to the page under the correct trope if (and only if) it fits one of those two tropes.

Jan 15th 2012 at 5:01:35 AM •••

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