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Apr 22nd 2018 at 9:59:01 PM •••

Couple of edit questions on Ambiguous Ending stuff.

As witnessed by my attempt to put the gory details in YMMV for Marry Them All there are some things about the ending of this series that are open to a little debate. Specificly, just how big the final harem is and how many of them are pregnant.

My reading of the last chapter is that at the very least all the female residents of the Witches Mansion are pregnant and the condition may extend further. —- "Then, while Kazuki isnít here, everyone"

After seeing off Kazuki taking Ikousai away from the mansion, Kaguya called out to the surroundings.

Laughter leaked out naturally from everyone present.

"Who ever thought the indication of that will show up at the same time."

Hikaru laughed. Lotte immediately laughed while saying.

"Hikaru-oneesan says that, but if there was someone among us that got left out then it will be embarrassing desu."

Kaya opened her eyes wide in curiosity.

"What what, what is this about?"

Additionally, while the base 12 wives are fairly well established there are, I think, an easy 12-18 other girls that are possible members of the final harem. What would be the best way to show this?

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