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Dec 4th 2016 at 5:53:34 PM •••

Tien from DBZ might be stronger than Krillin, but he's not a human afaik.

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Dec 5th 2016 at 7:39:14 AM •••

Word of God he has distant alien ancestry. This is from material about as canon as the ones saying Krillin is the strongest human, so... yeah.

Oct 17th 2013 at 3:11:34 PM •••

  • The whole franchise is full of people like this, really. "Great" duelists who seem to be great at nothing but losing. The biggest examples were probably Insector Haga and "Dinosaur" Ryuzaki. The first was was the Regional Champion of Japan before the Duelist Kingdom Tournament, and Ryuzaki came in second place in the same tournament. The only duel that Haga ever won onscreen was the duel he won to gain that title, against Ryuzaki, while Ryuzaki didn't win even one duel onscreen.
  • Another good example was Mai; she claimed to duel in order to earn money and live the high life, suggesting she was successful, but the only duel she won that was witnessed in its entirety was the one against Jean-Claude Magnum (which wasn't even in the manga). Bandit Keith was another example. He was supposedly the former intercontinental champion who "made his living winning tournaments", but apparently, the only reason he was created was for Jonouchi to kick his behind in Duelist Kingdom (in a duel where he proved a blatant cheater and a thief).
  • Then there were the Meikyū Brothers (Paradox Brothers in the dub). Professor Chronos claimed they were "the greatest team duelists in the world" in GX, but this is very debatable. Again, they never won a duel on-camera, and while Asuka did claim before the duel with Judai and Sho that they had only lost once (in the duel with Yugi and Jonouchi) they weren't all too honest, as Yugi could attest, and their reputation could well have been all lies. (In fact, Chronos' claim to Judai that they hadn't dueled since that duel was obviously a lie, seeing as they were seen dueling Mai and Vivian in the end credits of the Series Finale of the original series.)

The on-screen difficulty of duelists with on-screen victories in their on-screen duels against said duelists is not informed, however. Moving to the discussion page.

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Oct 17th 2013 at 4:31:53 PM •••

This. It WOULD be an informed ability if Mai was thoroughly trounced. Thing is, she always came one move away from victory. She just wasn't as pivotal to the plot as Jou was, who would almost certainly be tagged an example had his degree of focus been as limited.

Oct 17th 2013 at 4:55:53 PM •••

Uhm... When exactly does a hero win without his opponent being "one move away from victory"?

I rarely see a duel where that doesn't happen.

Oct 17th 2013 at 5:03:20 PM •••

A hero's skill isn't measured by their win record. A duelist can win simply by being lucky or playing a cookie cutter deck.

Put that same kind of duelist against the duelists that beat Mai, and they'll likely get beaten MUCH faster. That, and it isn't a matter of her losing, but also who she loses to, what stage of the respective tournament she loses at, and why she loses. If it were for a careless move against a garden variety duelist, then she would be a case of the trope.

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Sep 27th 2014 at 12:43:42 AM •••

Mai is probably not a good example of Informed Ability. She was thoroughly trouncing Marik until that Ass Pull "Ra needs a chant" thing, her first DOMA duel against Joey is interrupted by the never-seen-before Hermos, and her second duel she beats him.

Haga is probably a really good example of one, though. His duel against Jou was only slightly tilted in his favor due to cheating, and Yami couldn't even use Timaeus, and still managed to defeat him.

Ryuzaki's harder to judge: Espa Roba can't count because Roba cheated. So he's really only lost to Joey twice (and the first time was pure luck due to Time Wizard), so I'd say he doesn't fit.

Marik is not mentioned, and honestly, he should be. Both Mai and Jou were crushing him until the previously mentioned Ass Pull and the fact that Jou passed out.

Sep 1st 2013 at 7:41:40 AM •••

Is Rando from Yu Yu Hakusho really an example? Sure, we don't see all of his techniques, but he does have a wider variety of basic abilities than anyone else in the series. Everyone else's abilities all fit together in a group or perhaps 2 (Kurama manipulates plants, Hiei has psychic abilities or fire, etc)

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