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Feb 18th 2017 at 3:58:11 AM •••

Where is the whole folder about the fan content gone from this page and tear jerker?

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Apr 23rd 2017 at 4:30:37 PM •••

My thoughts exactly. There's fan content in Funny and Awesome, so why not in Heartwarming and Tear-Jerker? Who was responsible for that?

May 25th 2017 at 4:50:32 AM •••

It appears that according to the History tab, it was

30th Jan '17 8:47:04 AM Larkmarn

The justification being that as per the noncanon cleanup discussion thread, noncanon entries have no place on the work page.

EDIT: Created Undertale Non Canon pages for tear jerker and heartwarming to preserve the goodness of the content.

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Apr 23rd 2017 at 5:58:13 PM •••

There's also Undertale Positivity Project.

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