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Sep 28th 2018 at 11:50:42 PM •••

This is an insanely stupid story. It is so bad, so faux intellectual, so weakly plotted, that it got me to make my first ever edit to a tv tropes page. For one, the \"moral complexity\" it claims to depict is just rationalization for a genocidal empire established in canon, as if there are no conflicts in real life with a clear perpetrator and victim. In fact, the majority of ongoing wars in the modern day have very clear perpetrators and victims.

This show, obviously, is not perfect. But it does make it a point to show imperfections within the colonized cultures (the air nomads less so, because they are all dead). It just doesn\'t use these imperfections as excuses for imperialism and genocide, as this story does. It invents entirely new groups and practices to ensure the FN looks less bad in comparison, in hopes of rationalizing genocide, and still fails. It assumes that \"social progressiveness\" such as having women in the military is an indicator that the FN is Actually Not So Bad, ignoring that many first world, imperialist cultures have more equal gender ratios in the workforce and military because they have enough resources to focus on fixing social problems rather than prioritizing basic survival, and in addition funnel more people into their military anyway. It doesn\'t make them more humane or less guilty of genocide.

If this author had kept this ridiculous rationalization to the fictional empire of ATLA, I would\'ve rolled my eyes and ignored it. What really got me though, is the comparison between Aang wiping out the FN military in s1 to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Like...what. Literally, what. Hiroshima and Nagasaki was an attack on innocent civilians, proven to have been motivated by racism (just take a look at some of the transcripts of discussions that occurred before the nukes dropped), after the nation had already surrendered. People still suffer the repercussions of that bombing today. This person has the audacity to compare a fictional attack on a fictional murderous, imperialist military, to a real life tragedy. And no, making the FN soldiers essentially slaves still does not make this an apt metaphor for Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Whoever wrote this story, get help. People praising it for its depth and complexity - please consider educating yourself on literally anything that goes on in real life.

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