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Jul 18th 2014 at 4:10:40 PM •••

I would like to suggest some changes to what I perceive are issues with some page examples. I feel like I could be wrong and/or butcher the example by taking action alone, so I thought I'd seek a second opinion before I made any big changes. I'm still doing small edits, but if possible I'd like to confirm my suspicions on the following examples before I made any changes to them.

  • The "Break the Cutie" example adds a comment about how the audience is supposedly "shocked at how much Shannon messed [Barney] up", which is subjective at best. That's an assumed audience reaction and I don't feel that it belongs.
  • The "Foregone Conclusion" example has three dot-points to it. The first 2 have their issues and I intend to make a change to the first one, but I'm unclear about the second. The constant exclamation marks seem excessive, and in the case of the second entry I feel that the comment is either irrelevant or over-excited.
  • "Will They or Won't They" seems pretty wonky, particularly the second half of the entry. I'm not confident enough to try correcting it, though.

If any of these are fine, then please disregard my message.

Feb 28th 2013 at 4:27:41 PM •••

I removed those two examples as they are not from Season one. However, I don't know which season they belong to. Drinking Game (In-Universe)

  • Ted's college students make a drinking game out of Robin's morning show, taking a shot every time she says, "But, um..."
  • Ted has a Superbowl drinking game, though as Barney put it "It's not a game if you drink any time anything happens"

EDIT: I remembered that the Superbowl was in the second season. Added.

However, sorting works' pages by seasons makes cross-wicking really hard, and not very reader-friendly or organized. Having sub-pages for tropes sorted alphabetically is much better.

Edited by XFllo
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