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Aug 19th 2014 at 6:00:23 AM •••

I'm tempted to add something Shadowjack wrote in the Sailor Moon Crystal thread, but it's on the line between "Related to Shadowjack Watches Sailor Moon" and "Shadowjack is funny". I'll just leave it here.

I absolutely LOVE that Rei carries her own gothic dramatic aura about with her always. Dramatic lighting, creepy music, wind that cues to swirl her robe and hair, even the camera angles collaborate. Rei-chan, did you take out the recycling? AS FAR AS MY GRIM SOUL COULD BEAR. That's nice, dear. By the way, we're having you're favorite curry tonight. A GLIMMER OF HOPE AWAKENS IN MY HEART. I SHALL AWAIT IN MY CHAMBERS. *whooosh*

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