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Mar 1st 2015 at 8:36:48 AM •••

IDK if Kayo considering the guy saying "Nice to meet you" as cruel counts. It's not the fact that he says something as simple and polite as a greeting that upset her, it's him talking to her as if he never knew her, because in her deranged psyche, they were married and he should damn well know her. The fact that she deluded herself into being married to a person who didn't even meet her before is more the stuff of Nightmare Fuel and Tear Jerker.

Edited by akanesarumara
Sep 6th 2014 at 12:01:15 PM •••

((These (extensive) funny examples from the EC Abridged Series were posted on the Evillious Chronicles funny page, and I have moved them here because I donít think itís appropriate to post examples that arenít actually from anything affiliated with the Evillious Chronicles.

As I said in the edit reason, I think it would be more appropriate to place these on an actual works page for the Abridged Series. I donít know official TV Tropes policy on this, but it seems like itís a gateway to having more fanon examples than actual examples.))

  • From the fandom, we have this installment from The Abridged Series. It's a collection of therapy sessions for the Evillious characters, which goes about as well as it sounds like it would. It includes such gems as:
    • The doctor asking Eve why she stole Meta's babies. Eve's response?
    • Kayo screaming at the doctor when she asks why she murdered those three women, then thinking that the doctor is going to steal her "husband" too. The doctor screams for security.
    • Allen's session starts out as a Tear Jerker, but when the doctor tries to hug him, Venomania randomly pops up and calls her a pedophile.
    • The doctor trying to comfort Elluka after she cries over Irina's betrayal. Again, Venomania randomly pops in, this time to call the doctor a lesbian.
    • Riliane explaining the Green Hunting. "Killing them all at the same time just seemed so much more easier than killing them"
    • The doctor actually gets along pretty well with Margarita...until the latter offers her a gift. "I knew it was too good to be true..."
    • Josephine.
    • Lemy flipping out on the doctor, who screams for someone to get her out of the room.
    • The fact that the doctor had to interview...Riliane and Allen's glass bottle. And its reaction when she questions why she's talking to it.
    • Clarith's session, like those of Allen and Elluka, starts out a Tear Jerker. Unlike those two, the doctor doesn't even try to offer her any sympathy.
    Doctor: You should have stuck with the tree.
    • The doctor's interview with Conchita, mainly because she's not even trying to psychoanalyze her. She just wants to know how to eat a lot and not get fat. She gets so insistent that Conchita gets creeped out by her!
    • And finally, just when the poor doctor thinks it's over, she's told that she'll have more patients the next day. She doesn't take it well.

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