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May 31st 2013 at 9:34:46 PM •••

Minimum crew of Vengeance as noted in Fridge Brilliance is a call back to BOTH the Ultimate Computer (Khan probably intended to control the ship himself as noted elsewhere, despite being out of character for Khan-Prime, as Khan was in the habit of stealing ships, Enterprise in Space Seed, Reliant in WOK; and to the actual show where there was never enough budget to represent the actual crew of the ship. The Tribble episode of DS 9 showed more Enterprise crew than there ever was on the show. The only time the 1701 was shown with crew was the assembly scene in TMP who were all fans elevated to extras for their work reviving the series. In truth, not even Khan and the M5 could operate the ship for long as someone has to be in the warp core kicking it back into place when it misaligns, someone has to mop & scrub toilets, too.

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