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Nov 26th 2019 at 8:40:38 PM •••

Can I re-add the entry pointing out that Rhea was probably not kept in humane conditions while she was imprisoned? The last one got moved to Headscratchers for some reason.

Nov 19th 2019 at 2:13:39 PM •••

I have a question concerning the Almyra problem in Crimson Flower.

From the books in the library, the game clearly states that if Almyra were fighting seriously, it would take the whole contintent of Fodlan just to repel them. The section is saying that because Nadar was defeated that Almyra isn\'t a threat. But I see a lot of problems.

1. Most of the skirmishes that occur on the border is just Almyra starting problems but its stated multiple times they are not serious. Cyril says they do that due to their culture and then celebrate it afterwards. This doesn\'t mean they aren\'t always serious.

2. The situation is different in Edelgard\'s route though. Suppose you kill Claude, you would very much anger his father. It wouldn\'t make sense that Claude having loving parents that are alive would just leave Fodlan alone after learning this fact.

3. It already takes a lot out of the Black Eagles group to just repel them. Its an infinite spawn of wvyern riders until you defeat Nadar and its only a small portion of their army commanded by Nadar. Claude even said himself he got the connections (from his father). So wouldn\'t it be safe to assume that they only got a taste of Almyra\'s power as a whole?

I just think its too optimistic thinking to believe that Edelgard would have the situation under control. The Alliance overall wouldn\'t be too thrilled with Edelgard taking them over. The Kingdom certainly is never going to forgive the Empire so even if Fodlan is under the Empire, it doesn\'t mean the nations are reunited and wouldn\'t allow Almyra to invade just to get back at the Empire.

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