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Dec 31st 2014 at 2:35:11 PM •••

Big Continuity Snarl:

Would someone explain how we go from the All Spark being the artifiact that created the Transformers to the Creators using the Seed to make Transformium to do this? Optimus obviously knew of the Seed's existence, but this clashes with his narration in the first movie where he states that the All Spark Cube was responsible for creating the Transformers and Cybertron. Not to mention that if Optimus knew about the Seed, aruguably Megatron would have also, so why would he waste his time and energy chasing the Cube to Earth, hunting for the Matrix of Leadership under the Fallen, and conspiring with human and Autobot traitors to forcibly bring Cybertron out of its orbit when all he had to do was give a call to Lockdown, make a deal for the Seed, detonate the Seed on whatever planet of his choosing and use the resulting Transformium to rebuild his armies and conquer/rebuild Cybertron in his own image. Sorry for being long-winded, but this all just hit me.

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Sep 27th 2014 at 6:06:25 PM •••

I'd like to dispute this one.

The first sentence is fine, but the rest is bull. Tessa is the definition of The Load during the movie, especially compared to the two other human main characters that actually kick some Transformer ass. All Tessa does is get captured and in trouble over and over throughout the movie and making the rest of the protagonists have to save her repeatedly, which sets the protagonists back almost every time. The ONE time she actually does something of use is attach a tow truck crane to a sword sticking out of Optimus, something anybody could have done.

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Sep 28th 2014 at 2:26:19 AM •••

That whole sentence can go. There, problem solved.

Jun 29th 2014 at 6:53:08 PM •••

Could someone add a Heartwarming subpage for this film?

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Jun 10th 2014 at 7:54:08 AM •••

Pulled this:

Because it lacks context, and I absolutely cannot see how this isn't misuse (first off, the fifth slot is The Chick, which I doubt Crosshairs fits).

Feb 20th 2014 at 8:37:53 AM •••

Regarding Back from the Dead:

We know Galvatron is in the movie. We don't know if that means that it's Megatron or if they're just reusing the name. Case in point, the current ongoing Transformers Comic has Galvatron as a separate character completely unrelated to Megatron.

It's all speculation from there, which we actively avoid.

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Jun 3rd 2014 at 12:26:06 PM •••

Well, the trailer shows a maw sucking debris in from some buildings. With Galvatron confirmed, I'm pretty much willing to say Unicron is in too, though it looks like they gave him the Ultimate Galactus treatment. The next question is how did Megatron's remains get off world? I doubt they shot him into space.

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