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Apr 9th 2016 at 8:58:42 PM •••

Here's some of my cleanup:

Aerith and Bob is not present in this movie. It's not a subversion for the main characters to have normal names.

Big-Lipped Alligator Moment did not apply to the vampire scene in the song "The Apple" because it was already a dream sequence AND a musical number, so the rules of reality can't apply anyway. Besides, in a movie like this that's already outlandish and fantastical, there's no way for this trope to apply to any part of it - it's ALL strange, it's ALL sudden, and NONE of it is questioned.

Bibi can't be a High Heeled Face Turn because she's not just a minion of Boogalow like Pandi, but one of the protagonists (plus she's also a victim of Boogalow.)

I also have no idea why Pandi drugging and raping Pandi (clearly he is not consenting to sleep with her) made her a "possible" rapist :/ I also took off most of the spoiler tags because in retrospect its not a spoiler given how much of the article is unspoilered from that part of the film.

The director's *actual* attempted suicide would not qualify as Serious Business. Come on...

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